The Healing Odyssey

The Mastermind(soul) Level offering

Consider, for a moment, the power of a one-on-one retreat with L.R. Heartsong as your daily soul coach, intuitive, healer, AND food guru—the incredible transformation such an opportunity would initiate (and sustain).

For those wishing to make a quantum leap beyond the Evolutionary Health Signature Program, River unveils his exclusive offering: The Healing Odyssey. These 7-day (or longer) individual or couples retreats are personalized, guided journeys into expansive realms of embodied wellness, shamanic healing, and evolutionary soul.

Envision the legendary attention to detail and quality of an elite wellness spa, such as the Golden Door in California; now go further and imagine such an experience catered uniquely to you in a private setting, under the skilled guidance and care of a shamanic healer, body-centered therapist, acclaimed author, soul worker, and Earth mystic—who also happens to be a Paris-trained chef gone renegade-healthy.

This is a truly rare and unrivaled opportunity to reboot one’s entire life and plunge into uncharted depths of healing and transformation in support of soul purpose. It’s beyond anything even a world-class spa or healing vacation could offer; something almost too good to be true.

For a few, however, the Healing Odyssey will be real.

More details coming soon.