Just a few of the praising words from individuals who have worked with me in various settings, whether individually (e.g. Soul-based Coaching, Full Spectrum Healing, or Shamanic Integration), in a workshop, group, or ceremony:


“Thank you for a wonderful session!  I love connecting with you… so insightful, inspiring, and confirming!!” – Trini S.

“Thank you, River! You have no idea what you did for me this week. So grateful to you!”– Angela C.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such a beautiful experience.” – Gina L.

“I am very honored and humbled to be able to learn from you… I look forward to our next meeting!” – Nathan D.

“What an amazing experience… loving what you bring to this planet’s healing, and each individual that is fortunate to know you.” – Anita S.

“Your words were rich with offering me the gift of timing, breath and heart coming together. A wonderful session!” – Diane G. (via Skype session)

“To me, you were a saint.” – Tessa C.

“A deep-diving four days, to a much greater depth than I anticipated: the rich gifts are still percolating and appearing, and will for likely a long while! The Heart Labyrinth invited my soul to step fully forward into the retreat, called forth my unreserved authentic Self. Thank you for conjuring such a magickal, marvelous tribe of the heart… there are no adequate words for this! – Carol B.

“On my way back to San Francisco after a rich, full, beautiful retreat with L.R. Heartsong at Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, New Mexico. The land, the beauty, the peace, the friendships made as we gathered like tribe… my heart is full of gratitude and wonder. Thank you, River. I highly recommend connecting with this amazing writer, healer, medicine man, and beautiful human being. His offerings are unique and go deep.” – David C.

“… I would follow you into the abyss, again and again. You have the ‘medicine’ I desire. It’s the way you model your authentic path.” – Jeremy D.

“River has excellent interpersonal and people skills, intuitive to the wants and needs of individuals, whilst maintaining a harmonious group dynamic. His abilities as a teacher, healer, soul-worker are beyond compare. Brilliant experience!” – Sara R., England

“I loved the sharing of poetry by heart, the distinction(s) of soul versus spirit, the nature walk. Your teaching on the model of concentric soul stages was AMAZING…” – John Wayne Z.

“I may never find adequate words to honor the deep soul work of this life-changing experience with L.R. Heartsong, but I know its gifts will continue to reveal themselves to me.” – Paul P.

“You have helped me more than you know. What you are bringing to the world is powerful, beautiful, and truly unique.” – Charles A.

“Bless you!! I feel so much better and at ease after speaking with you this afternoon, a true gift to the heart.” – A. M. R.

“My ever evolving soul has a roadmap, new pathways because of L.R. Heartsong. Thank you!” – Roger C.

“One of the most touching things about my session with River was his presence. I felt like I was really listened to. It is great to have that feeling of ‘just right’: the right amount of contact, and an acceptance of what was there in the moment. His insights were deeply valuable, I felt deeply nurtured in a way that is uncommon in my experience with bodyworkers and life coaches…” – Wendy H., naturopathic doctor

“River’s intuition is a true gift, one that truly added to my session. I highly recommend him, you won’t be disappointed.” – Heather Z.

“River is a very gifted healer, incredibly talented and intuitive. It’s like he’s listening to your body and not just working on muscles. He’s really a shaman, I think. He has this grounding, calm, friendly energy that puts you immediately at ease, and a deeply relaxing voice. I found his unique style of deep bodywork, energy work, and intuitive insights to be a very powerful combination. Probably the best bodywork session I’ve ever had.” – Jonathan S.

“As I entered River’s space, an overwhelming sensation of peace and serenity filled my being. River’s presence is calming and his touch is both nurturing and healing to the physical and spiritual bodies. I highly recommend him as a therapist/healer and eagerly look forward to my next session!” – Randy L.

“River is more than an amazing therapist. He has a calming energy that you WANT to be in the company of. We had a conversation at the beginning of our initial session and then there were no words exchanged during the work. That was perfect! With a mutual sense of trust, we communicated at a different level. For ninety minutes, to not have a single thought enter my mind, is one of the most freeing experiences I have everhad. Because of River, I was able to reach that space. My advice to anyone who wishes to experience River’s deeper work is you, as the client, must completely relax your mind and let go. If you can do that, you will truly be able to connect with his remarkable abilities. Mahalo, River.” – Joseph, Maui