New! Food Course

New! Online food, soul, and healing course

Launched at New Year 2020, the latest, general audience offering from L.R. Heartsong is Sage, Salt & Fire: a food-related site, exploring the Art of Nourishing Body and Soul.

As a Paris-trained chef turned “evolutionary,” River shares deeply nourishing recipes and food writing for the conscious soul. He has also created a new online course, The Fresh Plate, focused upon building a beautiful, healing relationship with food.

Entry level and accessible, intended for cooks and non-cooks, the course is an introduction to River’s larger work of helping people become clear—with a conscious, healing relationship with food as the starting point.

Five master classes, each focusing upon a keyword theme: Gather, Taste, Nourish, Heal, and Thrive.

River says, “This isn’t Food TV (although I will share how to make some good things), there’s enough of that already. And it isn’t about ‘going keto’, Paleo or any certain diet (that’s in my 10-week coaching). Instead, consider this as a 5-module Master Class with a healer and chef, exploring a tactile, sensory, nourishing and soulful relationship with food and cooking—no matter what your current preference of eating, or level of competence in the kitchen.”

Each weekly module features at least one master class with River, as well as additional high-definition video tutorials focused upon building a culinary toolbox—basics that support not only flavorful, inventive cooking, but also your well-being. Course includes exclusive, downloadable toolbox recipes and PDF guides, comment and discussion-enabled demonstrations, a private Facebook group, opportunity for Q&A, and more.

More than two hours of high-definition video(s) per module: ten master classes, and twenty toolbox tutorials.

Support and Goodness for Evolutionary Times special offer: $45 through April… save $105!

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“This is an incredible body of work, blending spirituality, cooking, and nourishing the soul. Thank you so much for offering this…” – Luisa, Host of Passion Harvest podcast

“Your whole relationship with food is brilliant!” – Jason R.

“My husband and I had a chance to watch the first module today, and we LOVED IT! Can’t wait for the upcoming segments! You’re amazing, River! Thank you for sharing your gifts!” – Shauna Z.

“Wow! This is beautiful, soothing, gentle & nourishing. Such an artful introduction and invitation to look at how we ‘do’ food in our lives. Super appreciative of the non-preachiness of your tone. I long to figure out a way for thousands to view this course… it changes the game in our relationship to food. Thank you for what you’re creating!” – ZuVuYah

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Find more testimonials, information, and registration at the Sage, Salt & Fire site, including a video introduction, on the Courses page.