Videos and Interviews with L.R. Heartsong

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Coming in October! Key presenter in another global symposium, "Embracing Radical Change," L.R. Heartsong once again joins Jocelyn Mercado, Founder of Sacred Planet, for his best media presentation to date: "Surrender, Forgiveness, and the Sacred Giveaway"—an upward spiral of light from the heart. Stay tuned!

"The Shamanic Path: Initiation, Evolution & Enlightenment" (2018)

In the Modern Shaman Mystery School, an international gathering of shamans and healers, L.R. Heartsong speaks with Lorna Liana of EntheoNation, discussing how in a healing crisis he was led to an ayahuasca ceremony, and the resulting path of apprenticeship to sacred plant medicines. He also speaks to the evolving nature of the shamanic path and medicine ceremonies, the importance of initiation, along with the difference between shamans and neo-shamans or shamanic practitioners. River shares how the shamanic path is changing, and offers insights into how the healing process can ultimately lead to enlightenment—which isn't really what most people think it is.

"Shamanic Healing, Plants, and the Song of the World" (2018)

In this illuminating interview, L.R. Heartsong — healer, author, Earth mystic, medicine man — discusses the nature of the shamanic path, healing with plants as allies, trusting our intuition, the Life Task versus the Soul Task, and hearing the Song of the World. Recorded as part of Remembering the Truth of Who We Are, a global awakening event with Jocelyn Mercado, founder of Sacred Planet.

"Embodying the Sacred Masculine: Heart, Soul, Senses and Earth" (2017)

L.R. Heartsong, healer and author of THE BONES AND BREATH: A MAN'S GUIDE TO EROS, THE SACRED MASCULINE AND THE WILD SOUL (White Cloud Press, 2014) speaks with host Jocelyn Mercado during The Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit, about embodying the Sacred Masculine, through "heart, soul, senses and Earth." Articulate, insightful and inspiring.

Video trailer (2015)

An alluring visual and auditory invitation from L.R. Heartsong in support of his recently released book, THE BONES AND BREATH: A MAN'S GUIDE TO EROS, THE SACRED MASCULINE, AND THE WILD SOUL (White Cloud Press, 2014).

"The Sacred Masculine" (2015)

River's first audio interview on the award-winning Conversations Radio with Michael Stone, who speaks with thought leaders and social visionaries in areas of environmental restoration, evolutionary cosmology, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment. Also joining the conversation is Bill Kauth, founder of the ManKind Project. 

L.R. Heartsong is available as a speaker for conferences, symposiums, workshops and other events.

Topics include:

  • The Sacred Masculine: Welcoming the Healer
  • Becoming a Soul Artist: The Sacred Giveaway
  • Belonging to Place: Ritual, Plant Allies, and Ancestors
  • Ayahuasca and Huachuma (San Pedro): Healing and Integration with the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
  • The Shamanic Path: Initiation, Evolution, and Enlightenment
  • Master Plants and the Soul of Healing
  • The Core Star: Nexus of Personal Evolution

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