Selected Interviews & Media

NEW!! “The Soul Inheritance: Claiming the Gifts of Lineage”


(January, 2020) L.R. Heartsong speaks with Ben Marchman as part of a video conference, “FireKeepers: Carrying Soul-directed Vision to Reinvigorate Our Communities.

Speaking to the ongoing work of “waking up” in a lifetime, the challenges we’ve chosen, why soul isn’t separate from health, and the ongoing process of soul evolution, River delivers what may be one of his best presentations yet.

Says a viewer from France: “It is beautiful to share light around you about the Sacred Masculine in the Healer’s Heart, transformation, letting go, destiny, and Gifts-disguised-as-Wounds. I tell you, as we French say, Bon courage on your work!”


“Full Spectrum Healing: Body, Soul and Heart” (October, 2019)


L.R. Heartsong joins Dr. Gina Sager, MD, for a dynamic conversation as part her paradigm-shifting, global video conference, Getting to the Root of Modern Dis-ease: Merging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to Remember Wholeness.

WOW! This is truly an engaging, far-ranging, heart-felt dialogue between two healers, touching on SO many aspects of healing, empowerment, soul, and re-connection.

In the words of an enthusiastic viewer: “I wish I had found someone like [River] to guide me through my global healing journey. Wow… thank you again, Dr. Gina and L.R Heartsong!”

Tune in and be inspired!


“The Gift of the Wound: Clearing Our Lineages” (September, 2019)


An intimate interview with healer & award-winning author L.R. Heartsong, presented as part of a video summit, Your Ancestors Are Calling: Shift Your Perspective on Anxiety & Depression to Heal Generational Wounds.

In this conversation with first-time summit host, Dottie Lamoureux, River shares not only what he has learned as a healer for 25 years working with others regarding these issues, but also his own struggles with depression and how he finally managed to break free of those chains – as well as learning to discover the gift in the wound(s).

“Fantastic.” “Powerful.” “What a wonderful interview!” “Magnificent.” “I watched ALL the interviews and this was the BEST.”


“Evolutionary Gaia: Healing & Awakening” (July, 2019)



L.R. Heartsong’s recent presentation, “Evolutionary Gaia: Awakening and Healing”— recorded for a global video symposium in July, The Fierceness of the Mother: The Power of the Feminine to Revolutionize our World. 

“Your interview helped renew my trust, hope, and love in our aching world.” – Courtney D.

Presented by Jocelyn Mercado and Sacred Planet, this presentation is an inspirational journey into realms of healing, heart, personal and planetary transformation.

“Profound…” in the words of an inspired viewer.

Tune in and discover for yourself!



“Raising the Human Biofield” (June 2019)


L.R. Heartsong joins host Luisa of Passion Harvest Podcast for a profound conversation covering a wide swath of sacred ground!

A few of the show’s topics include:

+ Finding your way back to health

+ The Evolutionary Health & Embodied Soul 10-week signature program

+ Connecting with your soul’s purpose

+ Sacred plant ceremonies

+ Passion and soul

+ Finding clarity in healing

+ The human electrical field (biofield)

+ Rebuilding and regenerating your body

+ The Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine


“Surrender, Forgiveness, and the Sacred Giveaway” (2018)


October 2018, as a key presenter in the Embracing Radical Change global online event, L.R. Heartsong once again joins Jocelyn Mercado, founder of Sacred Planet, for his best media presentation to date. Widely praised by viewers, this interview is an inspiring, upward spiral of light from the heart!

“All I can say is WOW!”


“I honestly found myself mesmerized.”

“[The] articulation and presentation were spot on… amazing job!”

“… a sacred gift you are offering the world.”

“… absolutely lovely… thank you for the uplift.”

“I’ve watched it three times!”


Nautilus Book Award Winner: Personal Growth and Self-Help (2018)


L.R. Heartsong‘s debut book, THE BONES AND BREATH: A MAN’S GUIDE TO EROS, THE SACRED MASCULINE, AND THE WILD SOUL, wins a prestigious Nautilus Award.

For over 20 years, Nautilus Book Awards honor books that support conscious living and green values, high-level wellness, positive social change and social justice, and spiritual growth; in short, the awards represent Better Books for a Better World.

Gratitude for all who have read and shared this lyrical, paradigm-shifting work with others, and reached out with words of praise and appreciation.


“Shamanic Healing, Plants, and the Song of the World” (2018)


In this illuminating interview, L.R. Heartsong—healer, author, Earth mystic, medicine man—discusses the nature of the shamanic path, healing with plants as allies, trusting our intuition, the Life Task versus the Soul Task, and hearing the Song of the World. Recorded as part of the Remembering the Truth of Who We Are, a global awakening event, with Jocelyn Mercado, founder of Sacred Planet.

Topics include:

  • Embodied Soul, Evolutionary Health
  • Full Spectrum Healing
  • Healing the Brain: Biochemistry, Plant Medicines, Trauma & PTSD
  • The Sacred Masculine: Welcoming the Healer
  • Embodied Wellness: Food, the Human Biofield, and Healing
  • The Shamanic Path: Initiation, Evolution, and Enlightenment
  • Belonging to Place: Ritual, Plant Allies, and Ancestors
  • Master Plants and the Soul of Healing
  • And more…