Forthcoming book


Arriving 21 June, 2019

Are you on a spiritual and soulful path, seeking to bring your authentic gifts to the world and make a vital difference (maybe even launch a movement!), but your health isn’t at the level where it truly empowers that passion? Are you looking for ways to get unstuck and reach the next higher level of physical, emotional, and energetic well-being—boundless energy, optimal weight, strong immunity, clear mind, expanded awareness, glowing skin, bright eyes, lightness of being—where you thrive as an evolutionary soul?


If yes, then this new book is your golden ticket! In the pages, I will guide you through an essential process of transformation wherein, just like the proverbial caterpillar in its cocoon, the old, limited self dissolves while the latent, inactive nodes—the “imaginal buds”—of your matrix link up into a newly dreamed being. The soul-powered, utterly vibrant YOU.


Companion to the Evolutionary Health signature program, my forthcoming book is an evolution in itself—a strikingly different approach than anything I’ve previously delivered. Accessible. Concise. Direct. Created not only to inspire but to help readers gain the tangible results of working with me directly.


Within the cover, discover the nine “B’s” of Full Spectrum Healing—the same tools which helped me recover from a dramatic “healing crisis,” followed by a launch into undreamt realms of vibrant health where my soul purpose is fully embodied through the healing work I do with clients.


Mirroring my recently launched Evolutionary Health signature program, each of the book’s chapters focuses on one of nine key  building blocks: BodySoul, Balance, Biochemistry, Biome, Biofield, and more. Every chapter gives you straightforward steps, a ‘nuts and bolts’ approach, to rebuilding and regenerating your body, not only on the physical level but a quantum one.


By the final page you will:

  • Understand the basics of Evolutionary Health and embodied wellness
  • Realize how physical and energetic health supports your soul purpose
  • Be able to create an optimal diet that helps burn fat and lose weight, reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugar, reduce cravings, increase energy, boost mental clarity, restores the biome, and more
  • Embrace energetic and spiritual nutrition
  • Be inspired to make conscious choices about what you consume, because it matters deeply on many levels
  • Know the importance of the human biofield, our energetic blueprint for health, along with how to support and maintain its integrity
  • Learn the value of daily earth connection and grounding (“earthing”) for health on all levels
  • Direct focused energy and gratitude to everything you eat, drink, touch—understanding the quantum interconnectedness and healing results of such intention(s)
  • Consider that the Universe is emerging through you, and vibrant health facilitates that evolution
  • Know that YOU are meant to be a positive force in the world, creating a ripple effect with authentic, soulful power and well-being
  • And much, much more

Friends, this is truly a book that can change your life if you’re willing to follow the path; moving into uncharted realms of embodied wellness in support of your soul purpose.

Advance orders go on sale in early April… check back soon for more details!


* Participants in the Evolutionary Health signature program receive a free, personalized copy when the book is released, as well as an invitation to the private Facebook group. 

Available soon for pre-order!