Hands-on Healing

Hands-on Healing

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Hands-on Healing

An essential component of Full Spectrum Healing is energy work.

In this shamanic approach, I work with the subtle energies of the body, connecting with higher spiritual and Nature entities/intelligences, to remove blockages, recharge, and recalibrate a person’s biofield.

After an initial consultation at the outset of a session, the client moves to a bodywork table where, fully dressed and covered with a blanket, the rest of the work unfurls. Sound may be employed (voice, instrument, chime, crystal bowl, etc.), as well as occasional light physical contact.

A form of ‘psychic surgery’, this energy-focused work is beneficial for those seeking a breakthrough in emotional issues, trauma resolution, spiritual transformation, physical pain, or even serious illness. I remove negative/harmful energetic ‘implants’ or entities, and assist with general energetic clearing and protection.

Most clients find these sessions quite relaxing and often drift into a state of deep relaxation, though there is a varied amount of verbal exchange as I ask questions and relate information that comes through my hands or other senses as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.

On the more physical/material level, clients may occasionally be coached in regards to diet (the importance of low-glycemic, alkalizing, and restoring the microbiome), cleansing, and embracing a healing lifestyle—which includes protecting and sustaining the biofield—to nourish/support the bodysoul.

Following the initial session, at least one follow-up appointment is STRONGLY encouraged three days afterwardto stabilize the work. Naturally, the more deep-set an imbalance the person is seeking to resolve/heal, a greater number of sessions are generally needed.

Hands-on Healing is ONLY available in person, not via online or phone.