Full Spectrum Healing

Full Spectrum Healing

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Full Spectrum Healing

How do we get clear in our body and soul?

It is a physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual process that truly constitutes the work of a lifetime. Beyond spiritual or soulful transformation, wellness begins on the energetic, microbial and cellular level—and the old adage is true: we are what we eat (and drink).

Further, if we truly wish to thrive, one must also repair and sustain the integrity of the human electrical field/biofield (commonly called the “aura”), which is essential for health. Regrettably, in an age of electromagnetic pollution (EMF’s/ELF’s/WiFi/cell phones/etc.) this template is increasingly distorted and disrupted, affecting our being on myriad layers.

Full Spectrum Healing is the synthesis of more than two decades as a healer. FSH is the umbrella under which various aspects of my work are gathered: hands-on healing, energy and shamanic work, soul-based coaching, and embodied wellness practices. It is an approach that addresses ALL levels of our being: the energetic and spiritual, as well as the physical (including dietary and lifestyle), emotional, mental, etcetera.

The majority of clients who come to me are spiritual or soulful seekers, looking not only to transform an element(s) of their life but also increase their sense of well-being as they pursue their soul purpose in the world (or search for it). In the process of working together, and when distance is not an issue, we will often incorporate several types of sessions (e.g. hands-on healing, soul-based coaching, and embodied wellness), thus integrating different aspects of getting clear and deep transformation.

Unfortunately, not all the facets of Full Spectrum Healing can be conveyed via  phone, Zoom and Skype, useful as those technologies are. The more energetic, hands-on transmission and shamanic healing can only happen with an in-person setting. From this perspective, there is no substitute for being together in the same room. Yet because I can only work with a certain number of clients in such a fashion, coupled with my desire to reach a broader range of people, I am emphasizing those types of FSH sessions which are distance friendly: Soul-based coaching, Embodied Wellness coaching, and Shamanic Integration.

You can read more about these sessions on their respective posts.