Soul-based coaching

Soul-based coaching

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Soul-based coaching

Drawing on more than two decades experience as a body-centered therapist and counselor, bodyworker/healer, and soul guide, I’ve developed an approach called Soul Embodiment. In very loose terms, one might consider this as a sort of ‘life coaching for soul’: guiding individuals further along the path of embodied, authentic living, with an eye towards evoking positive change in their communities.

Unlike most popular coaching, this is not about assisting you to manifest material abundance in your life, nor attract a new job or intimate relationship, replace old limiting thoughts, or tap into the spiritual power to change your life in a more pleasant fashion. This work is not about inspirational, action-based strategies to help you gain seeming control over your existence and destiny. Nor does it center on implementing a spiritual practice, other than one that arises organically from your own being.

Soul Embodiment focuses upon:

  • Embodiment: living fully and mindfully in the physical vessel of the bodymindsoul, tapping into authentic power and passion
  • Awakening the ‘life force’ (mana, prana, chi) through breath, sensation, sound, authentic movement and creative expression
  • Discovering the creative union of the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine (within all of us)
  • Working with dreams, myth, archetypes, nature, ancestors, and the creative process as avenues to soul and finding one’s unique gift
  • Navigating and interpreting challenging life situations through the lens of soul and personal development
  • Cultivating wholeness and healing through identifying one’s Shadow, the ‘sacred wound’, and the gift(s) it contains
  • Understanding nourishment, pleasure, power and relationship from an embodied, soul-centered view
  • Embracing the necessity of soulful initiation for both the individual and community… and Earth
  • Recognizing the Soul Task and the Life Task, along with how those are related but different
  • Conspiring with the forces of allurement and soulful longing in his life, as a pathway of evolution
  • Building relationship with the Four Spheres of Mystery: Cosmos, Gaia/Pachamama, Tribe and Self

Soul Embodiment may be as much about dismantling the old, ego-based identity you have built as it is about uncovering and birthing the deeper, soul-based identity—one that is organic, fluid, and expansive. Honoring the body and breath as vital resource, Soul Embodiment plunges you into the mystery of yourself (as a conscious expression of Gaia) that you might find your passion, power, and soul’s unique offering to the ‘other-than-human’ world.

My task is not about helping you find happiness; rather it is about steering you into shadows and mysteries, into the bones and breath, to embrace soulful transformation and embodiment—a felt sense of connection, radical authenticity, and ‘life force’—which ultimately invites healing and wholeness. Purpose, too. This is the heart of initiation.

Please note: soul-based coaching or shamanic integration counseling should not be considered psychotherapy