L.R. Heartsong

Healer; Paris-trained Chef; Award–winning Author; Teacher & Personal Catalyst
Are you ready to get clear in body, mind, spirit and soul, and transform your life? Ready to discover radical wellness at all levels in order to fully embody your soul purpose and power? Are you looking to step outside the box and disentangle from what has held you for too long? What if you could actually regenerate your body and brain (you can, by the way)... and unwind the debilitating effects of trauma?


Full Spectrum Healing is the result of more than two decades of walking a path to embodied wellness, both a personal journey and working with clients—synthesizing elements of food and energetic nutrition (along with cutting edge research), cellular & microbial intelligence, quantum & spiritual energies, plant & Earth medicine, as well as soul-based coaching. I guide people into powerful transformation, knowing that energetic health—and becoming clear—supports our larger soul work in the world.



Working with L.R. Heartsong

Gateways to Transformation


Free Consultation

30-minute initial consultation

Via phone or Zoom



Free Webinar

"Fusing Vibrant Health and Soul"

1-hour Master Class

An intro to Full Spectrum Healing

How to regenerate Body and Brain



Evolutionary BodySoul

An unparalleled journey of transformative coaching

10 weeks of individual sessions via Zoom

10 master classes and private FB group

Launch into Evolutionary Health & Soul Purpose

Limited spaces, application required

L.R. Heartsong

Other facets and offerings:

Sage, Salt & Fire

NEW! River's latest offering explores the Art of Nourishing Body and Soul. Food writing and recipes from a Paris-trained chef turned renegade healthy.

Embodied Soul Podcast (ESP)

What does it mean to be fully ensouled on the human journey? Join healer & award-winning author L.R. Heartsong for an auditory exploration.

The Bones & Breath: A Man's Guide to Eros, the Sacred Masculine, and the Wild Soul

Nautilus Award winner! Paradigm shifting, an eloquent journey into the heart of soulfully-initiated manhood. A roadmap not only for men, but also women who support an evolving masculinity.

To Kneel and Kiss the Earth: Inspiration from the Soul Artist Journal

Released 2018, a compilation from a former weekly e-column/blog, the Soul Artist Journal, celebrating "a life for the senses." Easily accessible and heart-centered, here is a nod towards the re-enchantment of everyday life.


Transforming body and soul...

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