The Soul of Healing


For 25 years, Soul Quests has been the online home of L.R. Heartsong, a healer who works in a variety of formats and modalities. Via hands-on sessions, ceremonies, retreats and teaching, as well as books and public writing, his offerings continue to evolve and reflect an ongoing journey of discovery, while upholding the archetype of the Sacred Masculine.

Healing assumes many forms, from physical to emotional to spiritual, and from the individual to the collective. In our own ways, each of us is looking for healing. We might call that a quest for meaning, or wholeness, or connection; it might be a spiritual path or searching for our place in the world. Yet all of these are simply other facets of healing and the process of finding our own light, along with the gift we have to offer.

Highly intuitive and empathic, River has long been something of a reluctant mystic; he has experienced direct revelations from Source, and is in-tune with the living, dreaming Earth and its communication. Clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, he underwent an extreme healing crisis that led to a rigorous shamanic initiation and an in-depth apprenticeship with sacred plant medicines – including extended time in the Peruvian Amazon, working with Shipibo shamans and vegetalistas. He has now stepped fully into his visionary work as a medicine man, mentor, and spiritual guide.

Healers, allies, and teachers come in many forms, human and other, helping us move beyond the places where we get stuck, clinging to our patterns. River holds that our work is not only to heal ourselves, but to bring more awareness and transformation to the planet. We are here to heal the generations.